My journey

Nurturing a Lifelong Learning Journey...

As a child, the allure of movies in a foreign language fascinated me, sparking a desire to speak like the actors. Little did I know, those movies were already in English, setting the stage for my language journey.

School-taught English wasn't enough to emulate the fluency of movie actors. I embarked on a quest for self-education, albeit with limited guidance, slowing my progress. Despite countless dictionary words and song memorizations, clear sentences eluded me during conversations with native speakers.

The quest for improvement led me to a revelation—the psychology of learning. Personal growth and skill-building emerged as potent tools for transformative learning experiences. I knew I had to integrate this into my language learning journey and share it with others. "It's better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one, than to have an opportunity and not be prepared."

Embracing the motto "It's better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one, than to have an opportunity and not be prepared," I completed my master's degree in 2019, anticipating an academic adventure. Fate intervened, ushering in the pandemic in 2020, confining me to my home. Undeterred, I seized the time to prepare for the forthcoming opportunity.

To stay ahead, I delved into comprehensive reviews of my field, understanding the importance of staying updated in a fast-evolving world. Then, on December 24th, my dedication bore fruit—I was chosen for a project thesis in medicinal chemistry at UEMF's pharmacy faculty.

In the depths of my project, I continuously acquire and refine the essential skills. In a world that's forever changing, adaptability and flexibility are paramount.

Preparing for an opportunity that may seem elusive isn't futile. Life's unpredictability often unveils unexpected opportunities. Investing in skill and knowledge development is never a waste; it's an asset that pays dividends in the journey of life. 

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