You can't find time for side hustle/to learn new skills? THIS IS FOR YOU ! You are not a procrastinator

Welcome to this crucial article that holds the key to achieving more in life. Before we embark on this enlightening journey, it's essential to familiarize yourself with the preceding article. It acts as the foundation for maximizing the benefits you'll gain from this current piece. So, let's dive in!

You may fall into one of four categories: a dedicated student, a full-time employee, someone juggling both studies and business, or perhaps you're feeling lost and unsure of your life's direction. For students and individuals seeking a side hustle but struggling to find time, this article is especially relevant. Those who balance their studies or jobs with entrepreneurial endeavors understand the value of time. They can't wait until tomorrow to gather their thoughts and take action. Instead, they embrace the bittersweet stress that comes with problem-solving and accomplishment. If you aspire to experience the same fulfillment, join me in discovering how.

Do you recall our student days? In every class, there were students at various levels of academic achievement. Some consistently achieved top grades, followed by those who trailed slightly behind, then the middle-tier students, and finally, those who often found themselves in the lower echelon. The students' placement in these levels remained consistent throughout the academic year due to their mindset and time management skills. To clarify, those who consistently earned top marks were the ones who reviewed their study material almost immediately after learning it. Just ten minutes of revision proved sufficient. On the other hand, those who succumbed to procrastination postponed those ten minutes until they found themselves with little time left before exams and a daunting amount of preparation to tackle. Thus, they inevitably fell into the procrastination trap. While ten minutes may seem insignificant, its cumulative effect cannot be ignored.

Now, let's observe individuals who successfully juggle multiple responsibilities such as work, studies, and side projects. Their thought process typically revolves around optimizing their time. They think, "Tonight, I'll review what I learned today to free up time for my side projects." This mindset serves as motivation, driving them to complete their tasks efficiently, thereby granting them the freedom to pursue their entrepreneurial endeavors. In addition, they may carve out time for hobbies and activities they love, promoting mindfulness and rejuvenation. Consequently, their eagerness to return to work or studies remains high, leaving no room for procrastination.

The main idea is to use finishing your work on time as a way to motivate yourself to do other things you enjoy, which we can call a side hustle. When you procrastinate on your main work or studies, your mind gets preoccupied with figuring out how to complete them, leaving no time or energy to pursue your other interests. By getting your work done on time, you free up mental space to focus on and enjoy your side hustle without the constant worry of unfinished tasks.

If you notice, I intentionally omitted providing explicit solutions to overcome procrastination. Why, you may wonder? Well, because I don't want your mind to trick you into thinking that you are a procrastinator. I believe in fostering a different approach that goes beyond mere time management. It's a mindset that awakens you in the morning, infused with a sense of euphoria comparable to sipping a cup of coffee. This transformative way of thinking will not only help you seize the day but also trigger those delightful happiness hormones.

Armed with this newfound perspective, venture forth and conquer the world with a renewed sense of purpose. Remember, life is a beautiful adventure filled with opportunities waiting to be explored. By adopting this forward-thinking approach, you too can break free from the chains of procrastination.

It begins with 10 minutes of each day. It applies to all areas of life. The way you do one thing reflects how you do everything. Embrace these crucial moments and unlock the potential to change your entire life.Thank me later !

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